Thursday, September 11, 2008

They should be wearing a cape

Most days on my way to work I walk past a FDNY station. Not every day, I like to vary my route just so that it stays interesting.

Today I had to walk past there. They had a special memorial outside and a lot of activity. A lot of people there, getting pictures and talking to the firefighters. It was nice to see. I think that most new yorkers still see Firemen as heroes after 7 years of remembering 9/11. Today I really wanted to go to each one and shake their hand and thank them, but they had a lot of that going on.

The world is an evil place, and there are evil things being done every day. I'm grateful that there are people that are willing to sacrifice to fight that. Even if they don't understand it.

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Kelly said...

just don't ask OBama to define evil for you.